Remembering the early days of Cecchetti Canada

Remembering the early days of Cecchetti Canada

Notes from Carole Chadwick

Following Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca’s inclusion of the

Cecchetti Method in the NBOC’s annual Teachers’ Seminars, Carole

Chadwick was instrumental in supporting the teachers across Canada

who were beginning to study and teach the Cecchetti syllabi.

Throughout her long career Miss Chadwick was a beloved mentor to

many aspiring teachers. Her positive, artistic approach to the Method

inspired us to realize its worth and delight in its study.

As Carole has been retired for some years, a number of Cecchetti

Canada’s members may not have had the opportunity to meet her in

person. With this in mind, I am extremely grateful to Miss Chadwick

for writing this article, which I know you will enjoy!

Deborah Bowes


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